Tipard Video Converter Platinum

Tipard Video Converter Platinum

Convert HD & general video formats to mainstream formats/Extract audio formats
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Tipard Video Converter Platinum is a powerful and full-featured video converter that supports practically all known video formats. Besides general SD formats, the program supports converting video files into multiple HD and 3D codecs. It can also extract the audio stream from your videos and save it in any of the most popular audio formats. If wisely used, this tool can also serve as an audio converter.

The program's user interface is a balanced mixture of functionality and design. It allows you to create a conversion list with any combination of video and audio source files, as batch conversion is fully supported by this tool. There is also a built-in media player, whose functionality allows you to preview any of the listed files, though you can also use this player to take snapshots from your video files. A different panel in the program's main window is dedicated to selecting and configuring the output format. You can select the audio and subtitle tracks to be included in the converted files, if more than one is available. Besides, the program offers you a really large number of presets for you to choose from. Many of those presets are designed for different brands and models of portable media players. This means that you can make your video files compatible with your iPod, iPhone, iPad, PlayStation, or mobile phone in just a few clicks. Anyway, regardless of the output preset you select, you can always tweak all its advanced parameters, such as the video bit rate and the audio sampling rate. This is very useful if you happen to be an advanced or expert user.

But Tipard Video Converter Platinum is full of extra helpful features. For example, the program includes several video editing functions, such as crop, watermark addition, and volume level adjustment. As I stated before, this tool also allows you to enable 3D settings. For this, you can select among various anaglyph and split-screen methods and specify the 3D depth. You can also cut a video file into multiple segments, or merge several video files into a bigger one. Furthermore, the program can be configured to take full advantage of your PC's hardware capabilities. Specifically, you can set the number of CPUs to be used for the video conversion task and enable or disable Nvidia GPU acceleration and/or AMD APP acceleration.

Summing up, Tipard Video Converter Platinum may be a very helpful software tool for any video enthusiast or professional, due to the quantity of input and output formats it supports, the variety of presets it offers, and all the functions and features it includes.

Ricardo Soria
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  • Supports batch conversion.
  • Supports converting video files into multiple HD and 3D video formats.
  • Can be used as an audio extractor and converter.
  • Includes a multifunctional built-in media player.
  • Offers you a large number of presets, many of them optimized for portable devices.
  • Includes several helpful video editing features.
  • Capable of taking full advantage of your hardware capabilities.


  • A bit uncolored interface.
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